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Proposed Kanlinganuwara, Angammedilla, Elahera, Minneriya, Yoda Ela Pumping Complex Project

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The proposed project will involve the transfer of water to North Central and Northern Provinces via Pumping water from Kalinganuwara and Angamedilla to Minneriya (Phase 2) in order to meet...

Project for Sri Jayawardenapura Kotte Wastewater Collection and Disposal System with Sea Outfall

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The National Water Supply & Drainage Board has identified the need of improving the waste water disposal system of Sri Jayawardenapura Kotte area due to its rapid urbanization and development...

Matara Water Supply Project State IV

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The proposed project seeks to increase the service coverage and achieve effective and sustainable use of water in the Greater Matara proposed service area. The main objectives include: Increase the...

IPL 199 – 2015 The Effect of Root Systems in Natural Slope Erosion Protection in the Hill Country of Sri Lanka.

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Green belt concept is actually a systematic plantation of tolerant trees and shrubs. Diverse vegetative species contribute fundamental green engineering mechanisms against the slope erosion and slope instability in hilly...

IPL 200 – 2015 An assessment of the rock fall susceptibility based on cut slopes adjacent to highways and railways

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Rock fall from cut slopes adjacent to roadway and railways are significant during heavy rains in mountainous terrains. The main objective of the project is to recognize the gravity of...

IPLCertifiedProject M155-2012 Determination of Soil Parameters of Subsurface to be Used in Slope Stability Analysis in two Different Precipitations Zones of Sri Lanka.

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Determination of critical and other important insitu soil parameters for various soil types that are present in two different precipitation zones in Sri Lanka and comparison of the same. The...

Sendai Partnerships 2015

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The International Consortium of Landslide (ICL) is an international non-governmental and non-profit scientific organization promoting landslide research and capacity building for the benefit of the society and the environment. The...

Beneficiaries of WCoE

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The direct beneficiaries of WCoE activities are the government institutions, consultants,??academics, researchers and the practitioners. The indirect beneficiaries are the communities living in the landslide risk prone areas and the...

World Centre of Excellence

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CECB was awarded the World Centre of Excellence on Landslide Disaster Reduction 2014-2017 under the theme of Model Policy Frameworks, Standards, & Guidelines by the Global Promotion Committee of the...

GDRC Partnership with E-Conference 2015

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Photo: Professor Richard Haigh, Mr Nihal Rupasinghe, Secretary, Ministry of Mamaheweli Development and Environment, Professor Dilanthi Amaratunga & Mr Virajh Dias, Addl. General Manager, Natural Resource Management & Laboratory Services,...

Consultancy Services for Conducting a Detailed Flood Risk Assessment for Colombo Metropolitan Region ???as a Joint Collaborative Project between

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Deltares, Netherlands (Lead Consultant ) , ADPC, Thailand (Associate Consultant) and CECB, Sri Lanka (Associate Consultant)The first phase of the project aims at developing a high precision urban drainage model...

International E-conference 2015 – In partnership with UNDP, ICL, IPL

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International E-Conference on Landslide Risk Reduction was organized by the NRM&LS with the primary objective of Developing a Master Plan for Landslide Risk Mitigation in the world by identifying the...

News & Events

Joint Research Collaboration

Arrival of ICL Executive Director

It was indeed a pleasure to have the presence of the Japanese delegates at CECB on 5 th July 2017 to discuss on the Development of Disaster Risk Reduction Strategy of Rain-Induced Rapid and Long-Travel Landslides in Sri Lanka. This project will be jointly implemented in cooperation with ICL member organizations (NBRO, CECB) in Sri Lanka and the ICL.

Award of Success IPL 2017, WLF4

Presented to Eng. A. A. Virajh Dias

Eng. A. A. Virajh Dias has won the IPL 22017 ??? Award of Success for his IPL research career in landslides sector and for the concept of E-conference 2015. This is one out of the only two awards presented as Award of success in World Landslide Forum 4 held in Slovenia in May 2017.

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