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E- conference on Landslide Disaster Risk Reduction??2015

International E-Conference 2015

CECB has taken the initiative of organizing an International E-Conference on Landslide Risk Reduction with the primary objective of Developing a Master Plan for Landslide Risk Mitigation in the world by identifying the critical factors that may directly affect it and Developing a set of Teaching Tools/Guidelines which is more practical and suitable in the level of understanding by the individuals who are actually facing such scenarios.

The conference was an amalgamation of more than 300 participants representing almost all the continents in the world and more than 20 keynote experts/facilitators supporting for an effective communication platform throughout the project. The conference was carried out through an official website (http://e-conference.crdcecbsl.lk/) specifically created as an open source media to enable all the viewers to connect simultaneously to share their ideas and comments related to the topic. Three major topics were discussed throughout conference proceedings. Participants have expressed their ideas on technical issues, social and ethical aspects, required recommendations and regulations in the discussion sessions.

A Local Forum was also been carried out in parallel to the International E-conference 2015 in order to deeply confer the pressing matters occurred due to landslides in national significance. A consultation workshop was conducted to facilitate this initiative and it has undoubtedly made a massive opportunity to identify the local issues from the grass root level.

As the conference is an online ??? dialogue, the institution wishes to filter the most imperative facts discussed throughout the conference and publish it in the form of a printed document so as to increase the readability and obtaining the maximum usage of it towards the society. Our target is focused more towards the social aspects such as to enrich the landslide risk awareness among citizens (including school students, workmen and laymen) and ensure the effective transmission of this message among public and enhance the adoptability with the mechanisms involving landslide mitigation and slope protection measures discussed throughout the conference. It is our pleasure to work in partnership with UNDP towards this approach.

It was certainly a fruitful global discussion in supporting to bring the sustainable humanitarian future to fruition.

Statistics of the International E-Conference on landslide Disaster Risk Reduction – 2015

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